Drugs and Alcohol

Many of us drink and do so responsibly and without problem. There is medical evidence even suggesting that a beer or glass of wine at night will help your health, lower bad cholesterol, and help you live longer.

But like many good things, too much can be a problem, and much too much can lead to many problems.

Alcohol becomes a problem when it's a constant companion to most social outings. Or when every weekend is drinking time. Or when spouses get angry with our drinking. Or when family members avoid us because our normally nice dispositions change and we get irritable when we drink. Or when we get that first DUI.

As for drugs other than alcohol, pot (marijuana) and crystal meth are here. They are drugs of choice for a lot of young people. They are also illegal. With many industries practicing drug free workplace policies, any discovery about their use can get you fired.

If it's time to get drugs or alcohol out of your system and you'd like some help, our certified alcohol counselor can provide what you may need.

Check out this link to help determine if alcohol might be a problem.

Al-Anon and AlaTeen also provide useful information.


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