Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety has been called the disease of the 20th century. It is a feeling of discontent...tight muscles, sweating, feeling continually under stress, and anticipating the worst.

It often feels as if you're living your life in a vise. It's hard to relax, to let go. You're often on the go, trying to get everything done, and seldom get the rest and relaxation that you may very much need.  You're uncomfortable.

Your body may develop headaches, muscle aches, and backaches. Your brow may often furrow. It's not a pleasant feeling.

Some people experience their anxiety as a more severe form... panic.   Sudden, scary feelings that overwhelm you and make you think that the very worst is going to happen. A storm of powerful emotions overtake you, spin you around, and exhaust you.

Sometimes, it can leave you not sure if you'd like to go out and face the world any more. You may prefer the safety of your home to the problems of interacting with the world. It's tough to talk about it, since you'd prefer that nobody know what you're experiencing.

Be assured that these conditions are easily and effectively treatable. Help for even the most severe forms of anxiety consists of the careful use of some medications for some, or a special program of treatment that we provide to reduce and make manageable the panicky and anxious feelings.

We've got a great, complete anti-panic/anxiety program that can change your life. CHAANGE is a terrific resource that can teach you the critical skills necessary to handle that anxiety, no matter how severe. We can teach you this excellent system. Dr. Froman is a clinical affiliate of CHAANGE.

No one need experience these feelings of unregulated anxiety these days.

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