Compulsive behaviors

A little gambling, a little cleaning, a little spending....things many of us enjoy.

For some of us, a little is not enough.Gambling becomes a thing that controls us. We can't stay away from the riverboats, and the losses pile up.

Or we the point that cleanliness becomes our whole lives. Or spend money that we don't have on things that we feel "the kids need". Spending can become a release for boredom, feelings of emptiness, need for stimulation, or a compensation for a troubled and unhappy life.

Or we ritualize...washing things, hands, fearing contamination. We count things over and over, worry without end about something, and feel consumed by things that we know outwardly don't make a lot of sense...yet we still feel compelled to do them

There is help.

Many of these behavior patterns can be significantly helped with behavior therapy. There are also some excellent medications that can often help in your dealing with compulsive behaviors. Whatever you need to achieve the best control can be arranged.

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