Child Custody

Marriages end.

Custody of the children is an issue...perhaps one of the most singly important issues of divorcing parents. Each parent wants to be active in the lives of the child(ren). And wanting your child(ren) to live with you as the custodial parent is important.

As a result of this natural desire, parents often resolve custodial differences between them for the good of their children. They sense what the children need, and placing the needs of the child first, make sure that the parent who is better able to meet those needs at that time is the one that assumes the larger share of physical custody. Children in such situations are lucky...they don't have to live in a conflicting situation following an already traumatic event...a divorce.

For those situations where the parents aren't sure what to do...and wish to have a child custody study done, we can help.

We'll sit down with the child(ren), the adults, and significant others who can help ( such as new spouses or grandparents) and try to help parents determine what their child(ren) seem to need from both parents at this stage in their lives. These assessments can often be helpful in court proceedings. We DO NOT tell parents who is the better one, nor do we tell parents who should get custody. We do, however, try to enlighten parents with information they need to help them make the best custody decisions for their children.

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