Depression and Empty Feelings

Nearly all of us get depressed now and then. For most of us, a bad event leads to sad feelings that we get over with the passing of time. It's natural, and part of life.

For those of us with depression, though, the feelings never seem to leave. They haunt and shadow us constantly, affecting our sleep, appetite, concentration and memory.  Brooding, feeling stuck in life, and feelings of sadness and somberness are always with us. Happy events don't perk us up like they should.

Visiting friends is a chore. Sexual relations disappear. Food can become too much of a friend, or its enjoyment gone. We have slipped into a depression. And even kids can get depressed.

These episodes of depression can last for months, and occasionally are a continuing part of our biology...lasting for years. Depression robs us of our right to experience pleasure and good feelings about ourselves and others. It's one of life's nastiest thieves.

The good news: It's treatable. With today's antidepressant medications...and there are a bunch of them, plus some brief therapy, you can feel better pretty quickly.  You'll be delighted with the difference that you see after just a few weeks of therapy.


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