Psychology Associates began in 1977 and has developed into a comprehensive psychological service center.

We provide a full range of clinical services to area residents.

Our clinical staff is widely experienced, and able to effectively treat people who have problems with:

bulletAnxiety and panicky feelings
bulletDepression and empty feelings about life
bulletVocations-choosing the right one for you
bulletStress and physical problems related to stress
bulletMarriages that are in conflict
bulletProblems with children
bulletDrugs and alcohol
bulletSmoking and habit control
bulletSchool learning
bulletDealing with difficult people
bulletDealing with the past
bulletChild custody issues
bulletCompulsive shopping, gambling
bulletDealing with divorce
bulletPain, especially headaches
bulletGifted and talented children
bulletSexual adjustment problems

We also provide extensive psychological testing services for self study, legal and court ordered assessment, school evaluations, and agency referrals.

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